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When people think of “crystal,” they think of Swarovski. In 1892, Bohemian-born Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic cutting machine, allowing people to cut crystal to perfection—much more accurately and brilliantly than had ever been done before. Swarovski and two other men formed the Swarovski company in 1895, focusing on business applications of crystal. One half of the Swarovski company still emphasizes its business partner relationships, supplying crystal components and Strass Swarovski crystals to the interior and lighting design industry.

The other half of the company is devoted to jewellery, accessories and home décor. Swarovski launched its first line of jewellery in 1977, and the world of fashion has never been the same. Today, the company makes couture handbags, watches, accessories, figurines and collectibles, and home décor objects—all inspired by a superbly creative Parisian team. But fashion enthusiasts around the globe are drawn to the company’s jewellery. The couture collection of jewellery—including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs—features unique items that consumers can’t find anywhere else. From its “Edie Ring” with two nacreous crystal pearls, to the “Éclair Bracelet” with pearls, mirrors and square crystals held together by a chain, Swarovski jewellery is at the forefront of modern style.