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Legendary Courvoisier cognac has been thrilling cognac lovers for centuries, prized around the world for its layers of richness and intensely pleasurable taste. In the southwestern region of France, two cognac enthusiasts created Courvoisier in the early 19th century. It soon developed a hearty following; even the royal courts of England, Denmark and Sweden clamored for it. And Napoleon loved it so much that he demanded several hundred bottles accompany him into exile (which is why every bottle proudly proclaims, “Le Cognac de Napoleon”).

France is renowned for its excellent wine-producing grapes, which is where Courvoisier begins. This cognac is made from only one grape, and the superb taste has been maintained throughout the years because the same farms have supplied those grapes for generations. Courvoisier produces seven marques or varieties of cognac, each with its own personality—from the Courvoisier VS, which is aged up to seven years, to the Courvoisier Initiale Extra and the Esprit de Courvoisier, which are aged up to 100 years. A taste of Courvoisier will yield notes of spice, vanilla, fruit, floral, cocoa, amber and truffle, depending on which marque you choose to indulge in.